The Garden X

electronic music event
Party at the aircraft plant
Starik has been working with the project team ever since he was very young. But the anniversary event is also an anniversary event to do something special.
We had a month to reshape communications, finalize branded products and prepare for the flight. After all, the event took place at a closed aircraft factory, a location that was open for the city for just one night. And it is better to see everything once with your own eyes than to read it a thousand times.
Corporate identity of the project
The old man was working on the corporate identity with the project team, and now we have the opportunity to test it on branded products.
It was
Has become
Even the giveaway of limited merchandise was held
Branded products
The event took place at an aircraft factory, so we supported the theme of aircraft, flight and openness.
Social media communication
A project with a special vibe that I wanted to convey through communication. An atmosphere of openness, freedom and ease of flight. Immersion in the world of electronic music. An event that reveals a new side of nightlife.