What are Korobky?
You can't just describe the Korobky. Part of the soul? Sincerity? Energy?
Words fail. Better come, feel and stay KO forever.
Koropovo (or Korobov Farms) is the name given to the village of Koropovo and the adjacent territories. There is also a cozy Kharkiv nearby. There is a version that the whole thing is in Lake Koropovo, where there were many carps. And in fact, this is how its name was born.

The farm has always attracted the Ukrainian intelligentsia. Maybe because the hospitable locals from year to year gladly rented out a room or a house to their guests. Or maybe because it is impossible not to fall in love with the view of the Seversky Donets, which opens from the Kozak's Mountain. Or the reason for this is the cozy farm leisure - fishing, a walk in the woods, morning in the garden, a picnic in nature, enjoying life.

Korobky are a place of inspiration, joy and peace. A place where you can be yourself, be real.

"We dream of creating a tourist destination of the world level by applying our special high-level management and philosophy t4b. Korobky have left their mark on history throughout the ages and we intend to continue that tradition.
Korobky carry them through the years. Whoever comes to us,
they do not remain indifferent. Because KO is ...
Local produce, quality relaxation, amazing atmosphere. Come and try it yourself.
The restaurant has its own vegetable garden and an apiary is located next to the hotel. Such contrasts cannot be found anywhere else.
Untouched forests, reservoirs, fields and meadows, even grandma's gardens. We want to keep it all safe.
Walk barefoot on the grass. Feel the breath of fresh wind on your face. Breathe in the scent of the forest. Admire the snow-white lilies. Listen to birds singing at dawn. Run through puddles in rubber boots. Bite an apple just picked from a branch. Feel the freedom of childhood. And don't worry about anything.

Rest without filters.
About communication
Korobky are freedom and soul. They are lightness and openness. They are inspiration.
But to tell you about it, there are some simple rules:
Be honest with the world

We can talk openly about everything, we have nothing to hide. We are sincere, real and honestly admit it.
Speak in simple language

This is a light friendly conversation. There is no point in burdening it with terms or wise sayings. Well, only if you really, really want to.
to visit

We communicate as if we were calling to our own home. Friendly, welcoming and smiling.

Competent speech, a sense of boundaries and norms, the ability to behave.
Logo and Terms of Use
corporate identity
The streets of Korobkov are a real art object. We were inspired by the inscriptions and plates, decorated with typefaces with the addition of the Slobozhany typographic tradition.
Protective field
The security field is the distance from the logo to other objects or the edge of the canvas. In the Korobkov logo, the minimum recommended safe margin is equal to the height of the letter from the logo.
The Korobkov logo is a legacy, an evolutionary movement towards completely new KOs.

We decided to leave the beauty of the Korobky untouched, slightly cleaning and updating it.

Variations and configurations of the logo

All versions of the logo have a variation without color spots, with blue spots, with red ones. And all these variations are repeated both in the Cyrillic version and in the Latin alphabet.

Main logo
Consists of a text part. Suitable for online format (website, social networks) and small size printing with a small area for printing.
Extended version
Consists of the main logo, complemented by a slogan. Used on large offline media of corporate identity. These can be advertising signs, banners, information brochures, etc.
Small version
Consists of the first letter of the name and an arc above it. Used as a favicon of the site, avatars in social. networks, application shortcut.
Korobky color
The corporate colors of Korobkov are taken directly from the streets and courtyards.

What is already there and does not need to be changed is an abundance of soft
reds and blues.
These are fences, gates, clear skies, signs, plaques, route marks ...
This is the color of the Korobky.
Pantone 3572 U
RGB: 255 161 152
HEX: #FFA198
CMYK: 0 44 30 0

Pantone 277 U
RGB: 173 207 241
CMYK: 31 8 0 0
Kobzar is a display font suitable for writing short texts, headlines, advertising slogans.
Montserrat is an easy-to-read geometric sans serif suitable for writing long informative texts.
The uniform style is based on two fonts: Kobzar and Montserrat.
A sketch made by hand. Something that you saw and you always wanted to keep this moment for yourself. A cozy drawing from a diary that keeps a warm memory in itself.

Such illustrations make it easy to recreate any desired object. Color spots convey light and shadow patterns and help to diversify the corporate identity.
Design examples
Starik worked on the creation of the brand and corporate identity especially for Korobky .