Choose ready-made routes or suggest departure and arrival points yourself. Fly by yourself, take friends or share the check with fellow travelers. OSA is easy, fast and affordable.
What is OSA?
An aggregator platform, thanks to which aircraft owners, pilots, and those who want to fly somewhere can find each other. Flight at any time of the day, destinations around the world and a minimum of restrictions.

Show the world through large windows


The biggest joy on a regular plane is the seat next to the window. It is so beautiful to admire the sky and the world from above. But what if you have the opportunity to look at this world not through a tiny window?

Experience the full flight, enjoy the sky and see the world through the pilot's window. Our mission is to make the experience of "large windows" affordable. We want to show humanity a completely new world from a height of flight and share our passion for the sky.
First of all, pilots and fellow travelers. We want to share the sky with our people
We always take care of flight safety. We check our planes and pilots before departures
We share a passion for the sky and want to show a new view of the world
We want flights to feel light and create new experiences.
Why look at the world through a tiny window when OSA exists? We want to show how beautiful and boundless the world can be. And to prove that changing the view outside the window is much easier than we thought. One has only to see the world through the pilot's window once and love for the sky will remain forever.
Customer-oriented service. We really care about our clients and create a unique experience for them every time.

Maximum transport comfort. OSA made sure that the flight was a joy. You can make your own schedule and adjust the flight time, get to any destination, take pets on board and grab your favorite food and drinks.

Adequate flight cost. The ability to share the cost of a flight with fellow travelers and, definitely, cheaper than a business jet.

A wonderful gift. No more puzzling over gifts for loved ones. After all, what could be more beautiful than the sky?

Confidential and anonymous. If necessary, you always have the opportunity to travel in peace and without undue attention.

OSA is a Ukrainian startup that helps small aircraft pilots and passengers find each other.


Rational benefits

Individual approach. The manager works out each flight individually, making it convenient for the pilot and the passenger.

Unforgettable emotions - visiting cool places from an unusual angle, the opportunity to touch the dream and the sky, communicate with the pilots and look at the world in a new way.

The opportunity to feel special, because in heaven the whole world becomes a little more beautiful.

Emotional Benefits

Our audience
OSA lives to change the world and help different people see the world differently. What drives these people?
Thirst for travel
The main goal of these people is travel and tourist flights. They have already seen the world and know exactly what they want from the trip.

They fly most often in the company of friends or loved ones. OSA is a new experience for them and the most comfortable way to fly. They are not accustomed to deny themselves something and limit themselves to less.
Business flight
This audience is the owners or top managers in a medium or large business. This person is important for his personal time and schedule optimization.

Most often he flies alone to personally participate in negotiations with clients and partners. He can fly to another city for literally a few hours. For him, we create the most flexible conditions for business flights.
A unique experience
Departure at sunset, flight over the sea, steep turns above the clouds. These people are breathtaking at one such thought. For them, OSA is an opportunity to experience new emotions.

Most often, a flight is a gift for a significant event. Therefore, the atmosphere and solemnity of this event are of the utmost importance for them.
Split check
Most of them are pilots who adore aviation and everything connected with it. Such a person has his own small plane and a constant desire to fly.

He needs to maintain flight shape, spend time in the sky. For him, OSA saves on costs by taking a travel companion and sharing the cost of the flight.
Simple tough guy
Mark Zuckerberg
Founder of Facebook
“We exist to make the world more open and sociable. We empower people to share and communicate with anyone, no matter where they are. "
This guy is simple and kind, but not rustic. He cares about serious topics. He sincerely believes that he can make the world a better place.

And every day he wakes up with the thought of how to do it better. He probably creates a lot of cool projects, influences a lot of people. Such a person breaks patterns, but does it easily and without much need to draw attention to himself.

But when he has free time, he seeks to spend it in the sky. After all, this is his childhood dream. His ability to literally touch something great and limitless.

A simple, difficult guy wants to enjoy life. And breathe deeply.

Our character is your pilot friend. He knows everything about the sky, adores it, lives in it and in it.
He knows the value of himself and his knowledge, is ready to fly with you anywhere, but despite this, he will not be your performer and magic fairy. On the plane - he is your friend, partner, a person with whom it is pleasant and safe for you to be in the sky, and if you ask a question about aviation, it will be very difficult to stop him. He is still polite and friendly, customer-oriented, but does not hover around you. Lives on a win-win basis.

With such a pilot friend, it's simple, easy and comfortable.
We are friendly and polite. We appeal to you, but don't go overboard with formalities.

We always take care of the client and are ready to find answers to his questions. Even if it's "how to get to the library."

We take inspiration from the sky, talk about travel and charge others with it.

We speak openly about our advantages, do not hesitate and know our own worth for sure.
We are not familiar. We know when to shake hands with the Queen of England, and when it is better to smile sweetly.

We do not complicate life with a mountain of information and aviation terms. Anything complex should be simplified.

We are not luxury golden VIP edition. Yes, we know our own worth, but this does not make us an aviation in gilding.

Tone of Voice
What are we not doing?
What are we doing?
Identity Guide
The OSA logo is based on the Futura geometric sans serif with rounded corners.
The constant value in the logo is the thickness in the line of the letter. It is the same in all letters and is also repeated as the letter spacing.

The letters O and, A are based on geometrically regular circles to resemble the simplest image of a window-porthole. The arc, placed above the letters, leads from one window to another and symbolizes the route and the change of view outside the window.
Protective field
“The safety margin is the distance from the logo to other objects or the edge of the canvas. In the OSA logo, the minimum recommended safety margin is the diameter of the logo letter O.
The logo has 3 variations depending on the purpose of its use
Main logo
Consists of a text part and an arc above it. Suitable for online format (website, social networks) and small size printing with a small area for printing.
Extended version
Consists of the main logo, supplemented by the decryption of the abbreviation. Used on large offline media of corporate identity. This can include advertising signs, banners, information brochures, etc.
Small version
Consists of the first letter of the name and an arc above it. Used as a favicon of the site, avatars in social. networks, application shortcut.
Rotonda is a display font suitable for writing short texts, headlines, advertising slogans.
Futura is an easy-to-read geometric sans-serif suitable for writing long informative texts.
The uniform style is based on two fonts: Futura and Rotonda.
5265 C
RGB: 64, 58, 96
HEX: 403A60
7443 C
2345 C
265 C
RGB: 144, 99, 205
HEX: 9063cd
RGB: 221, 218, 232
RGB: 255, 109, 106
“The brand's signature colors are reminiscent of the sunset sky seen from an airplane window.Sunset is the most emotional and colorful time, especially during the flight.
Color combinations
There are several brand color combinations you need to use in your layouts. This is how they work best.
The elements
A logo element that is used as a container for images. Symbolizes the ability to quickly change the view outside the window. Use for promotional purposes or to highlight important information.
A logo element that shows the relationship between other elements. Metaphorically indicates a route or sequence of flights. Convenient to use in infographics.
Container for information. Use if you need to place information on a complex background. Just remember that the corners of such a plate are always rounded.
Use icons when you need to explain complex information or need to lighten a large body of text. Work well with branded elements."

We recommend using minimalistic closed-loop no-fill icons. The corners and ends of the icons should be rounded to be as similar as possible to the logo, heading fonts and key branding elements. "
Image style
Use rich photos with warm colors. The main colors in the photo are red, purple, dark blue and white closer to cyan.

If using a photo as a background, choose a sunset sky or a view from a window with
Design examples
Starik worked on the creation of the brand and corporate identity especially for «OSA».