Travel around the world on Sumskiy

The tasks that faced us
Attract the attention of the audience to the promotional offer
Increase the number of market visitors
Increase the number of transactions with VISA cards
Increase awareness of the Sumy market
Finding a market differentiation point, analyzing the target audience, calculating pains
Based on the results of focus groups, as a distinctive feature of the Sumy market for an advertising campaign, a variety of products sold by countries of origin and production were highlighted. We also found out that in the eyes of consumers the Sumy market belongs to the price category above average. Therefore, visit it regularly to purchase products. impossible.

A formed CA avatar: a man / woman 30-40 years old with an income level above the average, is married, has 1-2 children, has a car. In the context of the pandemic and the lockdown, many members of this group lost their planned vacation abroad, which we decided to appeal to.
Final advertising product
Advertising concept: You don't need much to travel.
Advertising slogan: Mandruy with light on Sumskiy.
“For the development of advertising, we took products that are available in the range of the Sumy market, and a suitcase was made of them as a symbol of travel. To reinforce the symbolism, individual products were signed by country of origin.

To implement the advertising campaign, layouts were developed for outdoor advertising, web banners and targeted advertising.
Also made a landing page for a preliminary assessment of the flow of visitors.
And additional local offers were placed at the location.
Advertising campaign results
1 335 283
advertising coverage
3 780 617
total number of ad views
6000 чел/ день
made up the flow of visitors on the days of the event (the number of visitors before advertising on the weekend was 3500-4000 people / day)
out of 80 tenants on the market connected terminals and took part in the promotion