Neapolitan pizza Mozza

Neapolitan pizza Mozza
An establishment in 7 warehouse with Neapolitan Trush pizza, which is made in a real Pompeian oven according to the traditions brought from Italy.
For us, pizza is no longer just a snack or food for companies. This is a special history, tradition, Naples. Yes, the SMM manager of this case already understands what pancetta, artichokes are, what the dough is made of and how many hours it is infused, what temperature the Pompeian oven should be and the composition of the entire menu, which you can familiarize yourself with at

For 5 months of work, we developed a content strategy, carried out three photo shoots, protested targeted advertising, advertising in public places of the city, sweepstakes, and developed a preset mask. We increased the number of subscribers by 5 times. And they increased by a couple of kilograms with the whole team.
The tasks that faced us
Creating a page concept
Change of visual style
Attracting a new audience
Engaging subscribers
An important aspect that we were guided by in statistics is the absence of cheating and only a relevant, engaged audience. This is what the numbers say.
Всього – 2 464
Чистий приріст – 1 872
Підписалося – +2 483
Відписалося – -534
Likes - 5 514
Comments - 617
Saves - 1,039
Publications - 59
ER – 5.4%
Coverage - 132 927
Developing a mask-preset on Instagram

In the visual of the page, we used a proprietary preset and for filming stories we made our own mask with a preset and thematic captions when switching.
Working with opinion leaders

When launching a new menu and launching delivery, we needed additional information promotion. To do this, we created a database of Kharkov bloggers and opinion leaders and started advertising with them. Over the entire period of our work, we managed to cooperate with more than 25 influencers of the city.
Promotion tools
Advertising in public places of the city

Also, for greater recognition with additional news feeds, we added advertising in the city's public pages to the promotion. Then we received additional orders and subscribers.
Promotion tools
Targeted advertising
In targeted advertising, we took the goal of recognition and subscribers. We tested various mechanics and targets for both cold and warm audiences using retargeting.
109 055
Advertising coverage
283 924
Average cost per click

One of the goals of the content was to engage the audience in communication. One of the tools was games and storytelling.
Engaging content
Giveaways are always a good idea to engage your audience and attract new subscribers. As a prize, we chose different gifts: pizza, wine from partners, tickets to a concert, or even our chef's home visit with the preparation of an Italian dinner.
Engaging content