This is the representation of the brand on the communication platforms that your project needs. With the right meanings that will go to the very heart of your people. To do this, we create photo and video content, start social networks, write texts, fill brands with soul.
What is this for?
Attracting people
Creation of a real fan club for your product. This allows you to build long-term relationships with consumers.
One contractor to close many tasks
Perfect hit
Working with the brand's audience only where it is. Without spraying on all communication sites.
Non-standard communication
Creative approach to communication and accurate delivery of the key brand message to the audience
Brand consistency
Uniform brand representation across all platforms, where you can find the audience you need for your brand to hit right on target.
How do we do it?
Strategic session with the project team to set communication goals and objectives and identify the company's growth points. Desk research of the market and competitors. Qualitative and quantitative audience research.
Development of a communication strategy using different channels and focusing on different audience segments. Creation of a concept with communication features, key messages and copyrights.
Preparing a media plan and calculating the budget. Content creation and management of responsible contractors.
Designer supervision of communication channels and contractor management. Implementation of the media plan.
Analysis of intermediate results, correction of the media plan, redistribution of budget and efforts between communication channels.
What do you get in the end?
Promotion plan
Unconventional approach
Audience attention
Personal manager
A clear brand promotion plan
A list of actions to be taken; communication platforms that are relevant specifically to you and your audience; messages and ideas that need to be broadcast; ways and manner of presenting information.
An unconventional approach to standard communication channels
When a creative agency starts work, we will look for the most untouched paths in the approach to working with your company and your audience.
Attention of the audience to your product
An advertising campaign that will generate excitement and constant communication that will turn your customers into ambassadors for your brand.
Personal manager who is always in touch
After developing a strategy for your promotion, we constantly keep in touch and monitor the communication of your company at all sites. This is done by a specific person who is always in touch with you.
Examples of communication cases