I need such a service
When you board, you automatically agree with details work with the Starik.
Project name
Descriptor, slogan, project mantra
Type of activity
A brief history of the project
How did your project come about, where did it all start and where did the team go
Geography of interests
Key benefits
List the 5 main benefits of your product / service that you consider most important
Target audience
Specify the segments of the target audience you are targeting. Try to share all the information as specifically as possible. Tell us about the geography of life / work of these people, their demographic, social and behavioral characteristics.
Key shortcomings
List the 5 main flaws you see in your product
Branding development goals
Why did you decide to develop a brand? What do you want to achieve as a result?
Key competitors
Name at least 3 major companies that you consider your main competitors
The company's sources of inspiration
Name at least 3 major companies that you think are the best in the market or that you like and inspire your team. Companies you are equal to.
Specify the languages ​​in which your brand is or will be communicating
Company associations
Specific images
List the specific images you see applicable to your company's communication
Color scales
Describe your color preferences
Color scales
Here you can attach your ideas by color
A barrier in the mind of the consumer that needs to be overcome
Contact person for communication
Phone number

1. Исполнитель берет на себя ответственность за нераспространение информации и предоставляет полную конфиденциальность.
2. Заказчик берет на себя ответственность за заполнение технического задания, предоставления всей необходимой для выполнения работ информации.
3. Все поля технического задания обязательны для заполнения.
4. Работы не предусмотренные техническим заданием оплачиваются отдельно.