A brand is the image of your company in the minds of your consumers. And branding is the design of that very image. The consumer is not tied to a product or service, he is tied to the feelings and emotions that the use of these products and services causes. This is influenced by the brand.
What is this for?
Added value
The brand adds value to your customers and they are willing to pay more. This allows you to conquer new market segments and increase the cost of the product.
Detachment from competitors
Taking a specific place in the consumer's mind, it becomes easier to defeat competitors.
Attracting people
Creation of a real fan club for your product. This allows you to build long-term relationships with consumers.
Basis for communication
Brand strategy is the platform on which all customer contacts are built. The better the brand is developed, the clearer it becomes for people.
Helping the team
The brand helps to answer the questions "who we are", "what are our values", "why do we exist" and to sort these standards in the heads of the team.
How do we do it?
Brand session with the project team to identify the features of the company. Analysis of the market, competitors, audience.
Development of a brand system from positioning, mission, values, brand communication rules and metaphors.
Design session and creation of a corporate identity from a logo and a design system with fonts, colors and corporate elements.
Creation of brand book, guideline and basic branded products of the brand and transfer of all materials.
What do you get in the end?
Branded products
Brand communication guide and toolkit for brand development. It describes the uniqueness of the project, its benefits and features, methods and regulations of communication with the audience.
The document will help new team members better understand the essence and philosophy of the company, and marketers - what, how and to whom to communicate while promoting the brand
Guidelines for the use of corporate identity. In it, you will learn how to place a logo, what fonts and colors to use, how to design pictures, and more. Helps the brand look the same on all wearables. It will be useful for communicating with designers, for forming technical specifications, ordering products in a printing house.
Presentation of your project
A document with information about the project, its meaning, uniqueness, positioning, values ​​and everything that will come in handy to tell partners, investors, and the team about the project.
Layouts of branded products

Source codes of 3-5 branded products prepared for printing and use, which will be needed at the start of the project as merchandise or materials necessary for work
Examples of branding cases